Cyrane Drives Sales

Sales development is driven by a wide range of Cyrane’s built in features plus ‘add on’ modules which consolidate opportunities in a single integrated system. Cyrane will help with the management of customer services, sales leads, multi-channel marketing, multi-national or multi brand e-commerce, e-mail and mail order campaign data management and, of course, has the ability to cope with greater sales volumes at less cost.

Cyrane is a sales development tool proven across a wide range of businesses and provides a springboard for business growth. It achieves this through;

  • Improving business efficiency by automating business processes and integrating control and management in a single efficient order management system.
  • Improving customer service with customers’ order records, across all channels located in a single account enabling a first class customer response and order follow up.
  • Ensuring effective stock control management for sales across multiple channels and, if required, multiple depot locations
  • Controlling multiple sales channels - retail and trade customers, e-commerce and telesales PLUS real time EPoS, all through a single system.
  • Full integration with Amazon, eBay, Google Base and others.
  • Management and control of multiple websites and multiple currencies maintained from a single source.

Cyrane automates a whole range of processes and frees management time for true entrepreneurial activity, rather than completing repetitive business processes, thus allowing owners and managers to develop new business opportunities.