Cyrane Goes Mobile

The Cyrane Multi Channel e-Commerce system has developed a new mobile module to ensure that customers can capitalise on the rapid growth of m-Commerce. Conventional websites – no matter how well designed do not work well on mobile devices. Detail is too small, buttons impossible to operate and the whole thing takes too long to load. The Cyrane M-commerce module deals with all these problems in a single solution with a purpose built mobile website fully integrated with the back office stock, order and payment processing system.

The new mobile website module monitors the device accessing the website and will automatically deliver the correct version of the site appropriate for the device that is being used from a single URL. The system has a simpler navigation system, big operation buttons for big thumbs on small screens and a basket and checkout designed to make buying easy.

One of the first customers for the new Cyrane Mobile website module, Vegetarian Shoes, expects big benefits from the new mobile system over the coming year. They are delighted that customers will be able to see their products when shopping so they can compare our range and value, discuss purchases with family and friends at any time and of course make their purchase wherever they are and however they are accessing the website.

Stuart Fisher from Cyrane Systems expects strong demand from existing and new customers. "e;the meaning of multi-channel in e-commerce keeps changing"e; he commented. "e;A few years ago it meant having a website as well as conventional retail premises, then it meant being able to trade on sales channels such as Amazon and Ebay – now it also means being able to sell on mobile devices through a specifically designed mobile website that is easy to navigate, simple to use and quick to load. Cyrane is committed to keeping its customers at the front of new selling opportunities through a fully integrated solution that make “multi channel” easy to manage and a profitable part of their business."e;

The new Cyrane Mobile is a fully integrated module for the Cyrane System direct sale solution and is fully functional for both B2B and B2C uses.