Integrated from start to finish

Cyrane’s full system Integration is the key to efficiency and cost saving. Joining different systems is often more complex and costly than expected. Cyrane is built from scratch as a fully integrated system eliminating the needs for constant development as systems change, upgrade and are replaced.

The full integration of Cyrane system automates many operational tasks and simplifies management. The result is greater efficiency, lower costs, better customer service, cohesive reporting and more management time available to spend on business growth rather than operational issues.

Integration of

  • Order management from all channels
  • Stock control across all channels
  • Payment processing and management
  • Stock control
  • Purchase order management
  • Warehouse management
  • Carrier integration
  • Sales channels and multiple websites
  • Customer services
  • Marketing and offers
  • Reporting
  • System audit
  • Accounting integration with Sage 50