Mail order management

Cyrane has always pursued a policy of being at the forefront of technology in both mail order and ecommerce systems, and whilst mail order activity has been somewhat eclipsed by ecommerce developments over the last few years Cyrane provides and combines all the elements for successful mail order activity.

Cyrane is a full multi channel system allowing professional customer contact through whatever channels you have open to you. Unified information on stock, customers and order history, with order notes and email tracking, are all instantly available to help the provide first class customer service at the lowest cost.

Mail order features include; complete control of advertising through the use of media codes and sub codes facilitating split testing, catalogue requests with separate catalogue despatch facilities, mailing list creation tools for instant customer order analysis and for the creation of new mail order lists.

Working across channels means sales staff and customers can see their telesales orders, web orders and mail orders as part of their unified trading history. Even the Integrated EPOS system can allocate customers orders to an existing mail order or ecommerce account if required giving complete transparency of customers’ purchasing habits.

The systems work equally well with B2C and B2B businesses and can operate with both customer types coming into the same system with the ability to control credit account customers credit limits, allocating special prices where negotiated, and still maintaining a properly controlled retail activity.

Comprehensive telesales order management with customer service logs, prompts for customer service contact and email tracking enable staff to provide excellent customer service. And a comprehensive returns management system controls stock and customer transactions to maximise profits.