Cyrane Multiple

An unrivalled level of sales options from a single stock source. Operate multiple websites offering all or part of your range through individual sites with unique pricing, presentation and content. Each activity with its own unique identity which includes site design, sales documentation and customer service options.

  • Multi-lingual
    Product descriptions, specifications and if needs be images to give Multi-lingual sites the perfect presentation
  • Multi-currency
    Give products multi-currency prices either by fixing new price points or letting the system convert existing prices based on exchange rates
  • Multi-country Marketing
    Promote your new sites on individual county websites with their national URL to achieve the best possible SEO results and gain customer confidence
  • Multi-brand
    Build new brands to tackle specific market niches or focus on particular demographics
  • Brands for channels
    Differentiate your marketing for channel partners with individual websites
  • Compete against yourself
    Setting prices and market positioning can exclude certain markets. Cyrane lets you compete against yourself make sure that you maximise your sales, optimise your margins and profitability and offer new options to your customers.
  • Individual system documentation Produces documentation for each site, Multi-lingual or for the brand selected so the customer enjoys a complete shopping experience
  • Individual Product data to ensure unique content for SEO purposes
    Able to differentiate content throughout the site including product information
  • Differentiate your marketing with specialist sites for niche markets