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Who are we?

Experienced and established. Cyrane was developed by a long established team with hands-on experience in running direct sales and e-commerce companies across a wide variety of market sectors. The Cyrane team combines practical experience and technological excellence supported by specialist partners where required.

Why Cyrane?

We care about our customers. The success and development of your business is vital to us. Let us prove our passion for providing the best solution for you and your business.

Superior Technology

Advanced systems. Our customers need robust and reliable systems not experimental “fashion” developments which is why we take such care to choose the best of breed for our operational platforms and systems.


Cyrane partners add experience and excellence in their specialist field.



Who are we?

Cyrane has been designed and built by a team experienced in starting and running direct sales businesses. Designed from the outset to integrate channels, automate activity and provide a platform for the provision of top quality service. Many of its early customers are still using Cyrane, some having grown their businesses 10 fold or more to achieve market leading positions in their sectors.

"The Cyrane team is committed to providing solutions that are robust, effective and innovative. We aim to provide long term support and system development that offers scope for our customers to grow in existing markets, expand into new markets and keep at the forefront of opportunities offered by new technology and customer behaviour."
Stuart Fisher, MD www.cyrane.com

The development programme for the system has enabled the creation of a highly competitive set of modules that allow businesses to develop in many ways. The continuous development programme follows three complementary paths;

The first focuses on the core of the system adopting new technology to ensure that Cyrane remains at the forefront of systems development, using the best of breed for web systems, back office database and integration partners to ensure a resilient and robust platform that can continue to support our clients in the years to come.

The second focuses on industry development driven by our own desire to see Cyrane as one of the best systems on the market. This programme has led to the development of our multi-module allowing the control of multiple websites or trading activities along with the launch of our new Mobile web solutions.

The third is to have close involvement with our customers, listening to their needs and having the ability to respond with systems development to meet their specific requirements.

Who should choose Cyrane?

FIVE features in your business that should make choosing Cyrane easy…

1. A marketing led direct sales business reliant on providing excellent value and good quality service
Cyrane can produce a huge range of marketing functionality and customer service features whilst its operational systems will reduce costs and improve efficiency

2. A business with a trading mix across multiple channels e.g. telesales, mail order, multiple internet channels, retail, B2B
Cyrane has systems to integrate business across multiple channels allowing each channel to trade to its best advantage yet combining all operational and system controls leading to greatly reduced costs and huge gains in efficiency.

"Cyrane took our business to the next level. It's efficient, comprehensive and simple to use. We saw the difference from the moment we started to use the system and a real must for any SME." Spencer Courage, MD www.costcuttersuk.com
A leading educational supplies and school furniture provider

3. A business that is pursuing growth
Designed for business expansion, Cyrane automates processes to allow effort for be directed to expansion rather than operational issues. Modules tackle new markets, improve competitive edge and allow new channels to be developed and exploited whilst business expansion can be achieved without the need to change operational system

4. A business which values support
Cyrane takes great pride in its customer support, not just whilst implementing systems but through the entire lifetime as a customer.

5. A business that seeks great value
Cyrane supplies a range of features that provide exceptional value to its customers with fair prices for great systems assured for years to come.

Superior Technology

Cyrane has always pursued a policy of being at the forefront of technology in mail order and ecommerce systems. It is built using universally approved Microsoft .NET platform. This provides the best possible technological advantage to bring the very best in performance whilst giving the reassurance of a robust and proven software platform. Our websites are developed with complimentary DotNetNuke (.NET) software and by so doing we secure the best structure for both back office and web functionality.

However, whilst its background systems are robust it is in the detailed areas of its operation that Cyrane shows its substantial performance advantage.

“Our systems are designed to keep our customers at the cutting edge of ecommerce without the need for expensive speculative development. We provide robust and secure systems and offer a wide range of optional modules to support our customers’ plans for business development.”
Ben Taylor, Systems Architect, Cyrane

Marketing and promotional controls allow a stunning range of opportunities for marketing and sales initiatives. Its scope for expansion across multiple channels, including the ability to run multiple (separate) websites, gives it unrivalled ability to establish new markets. Multi-currency and multi-lingual websites offer the opportunity for trading around the globe, or the ability to setup and run new brands and channels for your products targeting specific markets or groups.

Integration of automated competitor price monitoring systems for pricing policies help businesses stay ahead of competitors night and day. Or simply a system that allows you to focus on development of the business rather than grind away just keeping the wheels turning can all give you that competitive advantage.

Moreover, data feeds and database manipulation tools together with email functionality and email tracking to orders/customers illustrate the breadth and depth of the Cyrane system; a fully integrated solution to provide time saving and service minded functionality.

Cyrane Partners

  • Price Optimisation
    • Insite Track
  • CRM
    • Maximiser
  • Onsite search
    • With partner of your choice
  • Payment Processing
    • Sage Pay
    • PayPal
    • VeriFone
  • Postcode address systems
    • Postcode anywhere
    • Experian/QAS
  • Carriers
  • Hosting & Data backup
    • The Bunker
  • Web Design
    • Blayney Partnership

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Kit Stone Kitchens have replaced their existing order processing system with Cyrane and are very pleased with the very positive impact it has had, almost overnight, on their operations. The integration with their kitchen design software has also improved efficiency and management control and they have since requested that we build their new Ecommerce website on our integrated platform.

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