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Channel specific attributes

Effective marketing across multiple channels comes down to the detail requirements for each channel. Cyrane allows management of channel specific attributes in a single database providing you with precise control whilst making the base product available across all channels seamlessly.


Independent product descriptions can be applied to each channel from a single point of control.

Technical specifications

Make technical specifications available from a single source ensuring accuracy and easy maintenance.


Control of multiple product images.


Provide instruction manuals, installation details on all channels for improved customer information and customer service.


Add video to channels as required.

Import/Export data for rapid management

Cyrane import/export routines mean data can be copied, edited and managed on spreadsheets making the process quick and effective.

BOMs and Kits

Manage kits, BOMS and product variants across the channels.

Channel Price Lists – margin controls

Cyrane channel management tools allow rapid channel allocation by product with individual channel price control and instant access to sales and margin data by channel (after selling costs); this helps enormously with decision making.