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Amazon & eBay

Complete integration with Amazon and eBay. Not just stock and orders but prices, product content, and product attributes. This will ensure that you streamline processes, save time and effort, avoid products being oversold and that seller ratings are at the highest levels.

Shopping channels. Discount providers

Full multichannel order management so you can control content and prices, manage orders and stock across multiple sales opportunities e.g. OnBuy, Wayfair. The system also enables use of discount providers such as WOWCHER.

Shipping carriers

Integration with all major UK carriers for National or international shipping. Automatic allocation of charges based on country, postcode, weight, volume and order value or customer preference protects your margins, whilst integration at despatch ensures accuracy and efficiency.

Accounting systems

Integration with some of the most familiar accounting systems such as Sage and Xero makes accounting easy and efficient for both retail and trade account customers.

Website integrations

Cyrane can integrate with most proprietary website systems e.g. Magento, WooCommerce. The degree and sophistication of the integration is completely under your control and will provide a seamless operation with Cyrane.

Website integrations can start with the very basic order and stock integration, progressing to cover other important parts of the order management process and product maintenance as required and as budgets allow. Although Cyrane offers its own fully integrated website system we recognise that businesses might have other needs and will be delighted to co-operate with your own website consultants or internal team.

Bespoke 3rd party integrations

The Cyrane team will undertake bespoke 3rd party integrations to suit. For example, other order management and stock control systems, external warehouse management and production systems. This enables a business to retain proven solutions yet still benefit from the order management and multi-channel sales systems available within Cyrane.

EDI – supplier imports

Automate data exchanges with suppliers to streamline your business. Typical uses might be stock and price information from a drop ship supplier, availability of additional stock if required, or new product specifications.

Mailing agencies

Integrate data from or to mailing agencies for specific marketing activity, customised to your requirements, using Cyrane’s comprehensive customer database.

Data management

Cyrane provides a whole range of standard and customisable reports and exports functions, however additional reporting, data management and archiving can be commissioned if required.

Affiliate marketing

Integrate data feeds with Affiliates direct from or out of your Cyrane system.

Review providers

Integrate your product and company reviews managed by your 3rd party provider direct into your website and Cyrane system.

Point of Sale finance providers

Want to offer POS services? We will integrate to your preferred provider. E.g.. Deko, Omni, V12 etc.

Fully integrated tills

We offer fully integrated EPOS systems to those with retail outlets that enables stock to be managed in real time and for customer and product information to be at your fingertips when you need it.