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Customer specific prices

Talk to customers using their allocated discount levels, offers and special product prices, this ensures decision making is easier and quicker, and avoids mistakes and misunderstandings

Instant Product catalogue

Find produce detail from lists, the search facility or scanning. The listing will show prices and stock availability with the option to display full product details for customer information on the go.

Build an order

Using the above features, orders can be built whilst conducting a conversation with customers. Whether on an exhibition stand or in a store or in the field, products can be examined and selected by barcode to speed the order process.

Wish lists and Projects

In some cases, orders/lists are prepared and may not be processed straight away, either because the customer needs further consideration, additions or approval. In these situations, the ability to save wish lists and make them available to the customer for future consideration and amendment is invaluable. With the ability to manage multiple lists (or projects) customers can make decisions on multiple jobs in a single session saving time and effort.

Save, Edit, Add – on a customer’s online account

Wish lists and projects can be saved to the customer’s account allowing them to access, view and edit where required before converting to an order when required.

Utilise promotions

Media codes, membership cards, rewards programmes, Cyrane can manage them all with the added benefit of working seamlessly across retail, online and telesales activity.

“Conventional” EPOS

Even with all the above functionality there are many times when a simple scan and pay EPOS system is best, and Cyrane can fulfil all the usual till functionality managing floats, x reports, users etc………