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The management team were amongst the pioneers of ecommerce in the UK in the 1990s

The management have all been involved in ecommerce systems from the beginning in the 1990’s and have used this experience to continue development of the Cyrane system into a very comprehensive and effective order management tool.

Deep understanding of business requirements across a wide range of industries.

Cyrane is used by an eclectic mix of customers many of who we have worked with for many years providing scalable systems as they build their businesses to become some of the leading companies in their markets. We are proud to have been deeply involved in the detail of their system requirements adapting and developing Cyrane so it remains the cornerstone of their business and, when required, we have provided bespoke customisations to meet individual needs.

Robust and scalable systems, securely hosted, available 24/7

Cyrane has a proven track record. We have helped one business become market leader and grow turnover from £2.5 million to £30 million, In another example we provided a new system to a division of the UK Company with a turnover in excess of £270 million where its implementation contributed to a 26% jump in turnover. The Cyrane system is hosted at “The UK’s Most Secure Data Centre” with on-site 24/7 support and security.

A comprehensive system to manage all aspects of a business

Cyrane can manage all aspects of a growing business. It is suitable for smaller as well as larger companies and especially suited to businesses with growth plans where the scalable nature of the Cyrane system means it can contribute to growth over many years.

The ability to customise, integrate and develop based on proven technology to solve particular business challenges

The Cyrane system is very versatile. It is often called upon to solve particular business challenges and our ability to customise, develop and where necessary integrate with third party systems helps to provides solutions. Often freeing up operators’ time to be more productive and providing substantial cost savings in the process.

Modular systems and pricing model mean you pay only for what you need.

Cyrane pricing is based on user numbers and modules used meaning you pay only for what you need yet offers the flexibility to scale up as the business grows.

Can include a fully integrated Cyrane website

Overlooked by many is the savings that can be made by adopting website system which provides complete integration at all levels of the system from the outset. Working with your own design team or using partners we have worked with before the site can adopt the design and functionality you require whilst potentially saving £000s in integration costs.