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    Full telesales order control

    Telesales can form a vital part of any direct sales business, dealing with customer enquiries, resolving customer complaints and processing orders. Cyrane offers comprehensive facilities to allow telesales and customer service staff to handle all aspects of customer service and order processing. Trade account and retail customer pricing, integration of offers and media codes, customer notes, contact reminders, gift messages and product personalisation are all included with the Cyrane order management system.

    Integrate with multiple e-commerce channels

    Provides for integration of sales orders from multiple sales channels and websites, including eBay, Amazon and Amazon FBA, with automatic stock allocation and payment processing. Setup also provides a choice to enable automatic processing to despatch or allow sales orders to be checked before processing. Our integration also provides automated updates of order status, order tracking information and customer communication, all of which improve both customer satisfaction and efficiency.

    Instant stock allocation

    Automatic stock allocation prevents products from becoming oversold, gives complete visibility to stock status, and allows for the manual allocation of stock where required. Thus, it provides flexibility to the process and permits changes, where required, to meet customer service issues.

    Mail Order – Customers able to pay online

    An integrated token-based PCI compliant payment system allows smooth and rapid processing of mail-order and telesales orders and facilitates returns and exchanges.

    Pro forma + Quotes

    The ability to process pro forma invoices or quotes makes complex transactions with trade or retail customers quicker and simpler. Prices can be adjusted, and stock allocated (or not as required) as part of the process. The order management dashboard system gives an overview of any required follow-up and chase activity.


    Personalisation of items is an integral part of the Cyrane order management and processing system, permitting the setup of multiple personalisation options for mail-order or e-commerce sales.

    Prompted up sell/cross sells

    Prompted upsells and  cross-sells increase order value on all sales or targeted specific media codes or, indeed, specific customers. Sophisticated promotional systems permit the full range of sales incentives, including BOGOF, buy X and get %/£ off Y,  and financial offers.

    EPOS / Trade counter sales

    Fully integrates EPOS systems provide rapid retail sales and payment processing. Users can check stock across the entire system and access full product information at the till when required. The EPOS system will also permitt the allocation of orders to specific customer accounts, media campaigns, or third-party membership cards.

    For those businesses where EPOS isn’t appropriate, the trade counter order system permits orders to be processed with the customer present for immedicate collection.

    Repeat order and copy order

    Orders can be copied for editing or repeared, giving Telesalea quick and efficient customer service. Integrating these fuctions with the Cyrane website allows wholesale businesses to offer their customers a very rapid order process.

    Installation delivery schedules

    Large items and products needing installation frequently require negotiating and booking delivery with customers. Cyrane’s order management software has specific features to facilitate this and can integrate with external routing and installation scheduling systems.

    Dynamic management of sales margins/discounts at POS

    With margins visible in Cyrane, margin controls can be set to ensure discounts do not exceed agreed levels. This enables staff to negotiate sales with customers (where permitted), making the system a powerful tool for building sales.