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Fully Managed Cloud Solution

Fully Managed Cloud Solution

  • Assisted Migration with project management support

  • 24/7 access

  • On-site support

  • Software upgrades

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We integrate with a huge number of external systems including:

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Why Cyrane?

Why Cyrane?

  • Comprehensive – Robust proven systems to cover all the business

  • Experience – in mail order and eCommerce since 1996

  • Versatility – Modular systems make Cyrane scale-able and versatile

  • Complete – integrated system automates tasks and saves money

  • Integrations – to grow, develop and build for the future
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“Our professionally refurbished products service (Bright House Refresh) required a platform to handle orders across its entire 240+ store base and manage eBay processing. We were looking for rapid implementation with a flexible solution to process and despatch thousands of orders and Cyrane has proven to be an excellent choice. We had the new Bright House Refresh service up and running within 3 months including, data set up, all the required back office functionality and the store web portal, and we rolled out to all our stores. This has resulted in a very positive welcome from store staff and a healthy 24% increase in sales year on year!

We are delighted with Cyrane, its versatility, its range of functionality, it’s capacity and, most especially, the support team behind the system… first class.”

“We launched our online and retail store business just 2 years ago on the Cyrane platform and haven’t looked back since. Unprecedented growth with real hands on support from the Cyrane team to help us get there. Looking forward to continued growth in the coming years. Thanks Cyrane.”
“The Cyrane system greatly aided our massive expansion and we are looking forward to working with them to meet the ever increasing demands of a growing integrated business.”
Fitness Superstore
“Cyrane manages our showroom sales, telesales and ecommerce through the fully integrated Cyrane website. The single system cuts costs and makes us significantly more efficient and competitive.”
“The Cyrane team formed an effective partnership with our web designers to build our new website and back office systems thus delivering the full system integration we envisaged to provide the significant implementation and operational savings we were looking for.”
Simply Sound and Vision
“Besides replacing our entire legacy systems with Cyrane, one of the major issues for us was the transfer of our existing website to the Cyrane platform. After all, we did not want to lose our hard won Google rankings! But as promised by the Cyrane team the transition was painless and we have exactly what our designers wanted on our site, not to mention our integrated international Mail Order operation and High Street store.”
Vegetarian Shoes
“The Cyrane System is a truly versatile system including much of what you would expect to find from a comprehensive order processing and warehouse system with many useful features. They have a willing team and keen to continue with advancement of the Cyrane System which has proven to be a real asset for my company.”

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Cyrane offers a robust and sophisticated system that has the capacity to cope with large volumes of transactions. Its control of multiple sales channels, sales orders, payments, and trade accounts along with real time dashboards and reporting, gives instant visibility to business activity. Whilst the wireless and paper-based warehouse and stock management systems automate processes and dramatically improve efficiency.

Pricing Management
• Control prices at a glance
• See products across channels
• Adjust pricing. Automated by rule sets or manually as required
• See sales activity
• See current stock holding

All channels covered
• Telesales
• Website
• Sophisticated offers and discount options
• Fully integrated retail EPOS
• Retail App – be fully mobile
• Trade and retail account customers
• Amazon, eBay, own website – Pricing admin, product upload, Order download

Sales order management
• Trade and retail account customers
• Drop ship functionality
• Back order management

Warehouse management
• Wireless app, and paper-based systems
• Goods In management
• Pick/Pack/Deliver
• Carrier integration / Tracking
• Despatch documentation
• Returns Management
• Multi Depot option
• Unexpected stock option
• Quarantine processing option

Stock management
• Auto purchase order creation
• Drop ship order creation
• Stock location management
• Bulk stock/bin replenishment
• Real time stock reporting/dashboard
• EDI integration option
• Multi Currency purchase orders

Carriage management
• Parameter selected carriage options
• Multiple carrier integration
• Manage international carriage
• Carriage zone exclusions

Sales channels
• Trade account log on
• Customer order history
• PCI compliant payment processing
• E-commerce
• Telesales
• EPOS system
• Integration modules for Amazon, eBay and data feeds

Data management & reporting
• Channel Price Admin – manage prices for all channels from singe dashboard.
• Import/Export – account data, set-up data, activity data, cost prices, retail prices, etc.
• Order import module – uploaded orders avoid re-input
• Extensive reporting – More than 200 reports available
• Self-build report generator

• Integration with Sage 50, Xero, QuickBooks
• Trade accounts
• Stock take function
• Stock valuation
• Purchase order accrual report

• Adopt our fully integrated website or integrate to your existing website
• Edit and revise your website with the comprehensive content management system
• Single page checkout with up-sell/cross sell opportunities
• Integrate third party customer review services
• Integrated PCI compliant payment processing (VeriFone, SagePay, PayPal)
• Trade accounts – secure login, access full order history including telesales and trade counter
• Blog option

Additional Modules (options)
• One back office can serve multiple clients/markets/brands/websites
• Multi-warehouse/depot
• Data views
• Carrier integration
• Accounts integration (Sage, Xero, QuickBooks)
• Amazon / eBay integration
• Integrated website or bespoke website integrations

CRM Functions
• Record additional customer information
• Add notes to orders
• Integral email function with email thread/tracking
• Assign activities and record outcomes

Hosted Services
• Web and system hosting services by the UK’s most secure datacentre with 24/7 technical cover
• Automatic data backup

Total order management, order management across all channels on an integrated single system.
The Cyrane order management system, drives to be at the forefront the forefront of order management whether it be mail order, ecommerce, ecommerce or retail. The Cyrane system combines all these elements to support a successful mail order, mail order business.

The system is a multi channel system, multi channel system providing unified information on stock, customers and order history, including order notes, along with email tracking are instantly available across all channels and helps you provide a first class customer service at the lowest cost. Sales staff also have instant access to customer order history during the order process.

Selling through different channels, different channels calls for staff and customers to be able to see all their orders in a unified trading history. And even the Integrated EPOS system can allocate customers’ orders to an existing mail order or ecommerce account, giving complete transparency of customers’ purchasing habits.

Cyrane also allows for multiple clients to be set up and managed. This enables you to promote your product range or a subset of products to differnt market segments. EAch client can have separate branding, separate websites and separte pricing etc. Multi-client also allows for differnt attributes to be assigned to the SKU to meet the differing needs of each client such as product names and all the order processing is handled by the one back office system. So there is no duplication of effort and all the key data such as sales, stock and trends are avaible in the Cyrane Price Admin charts and controls dashboard.

Sales staff that need to be “mobile” on the shop floor, at exhibitions and shows, or on customer premises, can benefit from our Retail App, Retail App. This enables them to take orders, complete stock look up, see the full product information and generate quotes.

The system works equally well with B2C and B2B businesses, B2C and B2B businesses. B2B benefits from the ability to control credit account credit limits and allocating special prices if assigned. Comprehensive telesales, order management with customer service logs, prompts for customer service contact and integrated email function. The order management, across all channels on an integrated single system.despatch module generates an email advice with parcel tracking services which helps to provide first class customer service. And a comprehensive returns management system controls stock and customer transactions to help maximise profits.

International Mail Order Management
Manage multinational businesses through dedicated websites, carriage options and price control. Multinational and multicurrency sales are on the increase and Cyrane provides a range of functions to enable companies, both large and small, to capitalise on expanding overseas markets. These include;
• Carriage maintenance module enables worldwide distribution. With adjusted delivery charges per country based on complaex rule sets.
• Multi-lingual websites for each country
• Manage a variable product pricing strategy set out for each country, with either converted prices (from base price) or prices individually to maximise profits.
• Assign different product names, model numbers, descriptions etc. to ensure local market needs are considered and avoid unwanted price comparisons.
• Assign specific carriage options and prices to suit each market
• Promotions and sales activity carried out either across all markets or individually tailored to each local market
• Documentation produced to suit each market with correct language and currency

Stock and Warehouse Management
Optional wireless systems, Optional wireless systems provide a fast and reliable stock handling and warehouse management service, from Goods In through to pick, pack and despatch. Of course, the tried and tested paper-based processes remains available where budgets and volume dictates. And the wireless systems can be initiated at any time in the future as and when it is justified by growth.

Multi Depot Management – The system will manage stock in a single warehouse and multiple warehouses with the addition of the multi-depot module.

Our Purchase order management,Purchase Order management module manages purchase orders, goods inwards and processes orders for drop ship items as required. Purchase orders can be automatically created, reviewed and processed with goods expected information. Once generated, the purchase order information can also be made avalaible to sales staff and, if required, websites/customers. Reports can suggest re-stocking levels based on the desired number of weeks stock that should be held keeping stock at its optimum level.

Our order management, order management system also provides for a comprehensive returns management system, controlling both the inspection process of the products and managing the customer transaction for refunds or replacements

• Wireless pick pack and despatch option
• Or documented pick pack and despatch process
• Bar-coding
• Purchase order creation
• Automatic purchase order suggestion
• Drop ship order creation and management
• Automated stock reports
• Stock inwards
• Put away lists
• Barcode creation
• Quarantine
• Returns Management
• Stock valuation
• Stock take management
• Optional carrier integration
• Optional Multi-depots
• Multiple Stock locations
• Audit trails

Automated and control purchase order, Automate and control purchase order management.
Purchasing is automated and simplified whilst leaving you in full control for both stock and drop ship orders. Stock orders are created at the touch of a button to maintain set stock levels and can be amended before processing. The reports system will also indicate where stock levels need to increase or decrease in order to achieve desired stock turn. Drop ship PO’s can be sent immediately to suppliers from the system or held for review before processing. Purchase invoices are entered directly onto the system so cost prices are always correct and supplier prices can be checked before being synchronised with the accounting system and a complete range of stock and sales reports ensure that you have all the information you need on hand to control purchasing and optimise stock levels.

Our Purchase order management,Purchase Order management module manages purchase orders, goods inwards and processes orders for drop ship items as required. Purchase orders can be automatically created, reviewed and processed with goods expected information. Once generated, the purchase order information can also be made avalaible to sales staff and, if required, websites/customers. Moreover, reports can suggest re-stocking levels based on the desired number of weeks stock that should be held keeping stock at its optimum level.

Carrier Integration
We integrate with all rhe major UK and international carriers. Integration enables automatic creation of despatch documentation, recording of consignment details against the customer record and automatic customer email notification of despatch with tracking link. Carrier integration, The automatic e-mail to customers notifies the despatch and ncludes the tracking link. This speeds despatch and mproves customer service. Carrier integration allows all the despatch options needed for a varied product range with integration modules for most major British and international carriers.

Cyrane systems integrate with all the major players and others;
• FedEx
• Interlink Express
• Parcelforce
• Royal Mail

Marketing Tools
Marketing tools and marketing modules, marketing modules help you grow, develop new markets, increase conversion rates and improve order value. Cyrane offers a number of simple controls that can create a wide range of promotions and offers to enhance customer value. Provide scope for expansion across multiple channels, and the ability to run separate websites to in alternative markets. Further4more, multi-currency processing offers the opportunity to trade around the globe, or the ability to setup and run new brands and channels for your products. Moreover, the channel price admin function allows you to see at glance how individual products perform across all channels and also enables price adjustment as required.

Websites Websites need to encompass many elements and each is dealt with by the system.
• SEO friendly construction and automated tools make the websites ideal for creative SEO activity
• Single page checkout facilitates and order completion helps increase conversion rates
• Order acknowledgements and visible order status with previous order history (from all channels) improves customer service and sales analysis
• Up sell and cross sell prompts in teh back office and teh website, encourage multiple purchases and higher order values
• Integrated blog option

Our Retail App, Our Retail App
Integrates with the website and back office gives you all you need to need at for finger tips whilst on the move. Sales staff that need to be “mobile” on the shop floor, at exhibitions and shows, or on customer premises, will enable them to take orders, complete stock look up, see full product information and generate quotes.

Accounting Integration
Integrated with Britain’s most popular accounting systems popular accounting systems, Cyrane provides a robust and easily managed accounting system. With full integration of customer data, orders, payments, purchase orders and invoices, Cyrane ensures accurate real time accounting data is available without the need for Sage to store growing order volumes, thus making it easier to manage the accounts. This also reduces the need for user access to Sage and thereby ensures accounting information is more secure.
The Cyrane accounts module will integrate with al versions of:

• Sage 50
• Xero
• QuickBooks

• B2B and B2C account options
• Management of credit account customers
• Accrual reports for accurate margin reporting and accounting for Drop Ship orders

Real Time Reporting
Reporting is an integral part of the Cyrane system at all levels to help control the business. Instant dashboard views show where your business is at any time; orders to be picked, returns to be processed, purchase orders expected, so you can see it all in an instant and drill down to the detail in just a few clicks.
In depth reporting is available from a range of standard repoprts, standard reports and the report writing tool allows you to select the data to produce the information you need for regular reports and save the format for future use. Customer data can be sliced and diced quickly to produce highly focused mailing lists that can improve the focus and response of marketing initiatives. If greater depth is required the Data view module allows you to access large quantities of information and carry out in depth analysis without disrupting operational systems…
The integration of Cyrane to Sage 50 and other accounting packages ensures that accounts are always accessible and easy to manage with the full range of accounting reports at your fingertips.

Data Analysis
The system contains sophisticated data analysis, data analysis tools that allow you to analyse and extract customer data quickly and efficiently for future marketing campaigns by email, mail or telesales.

Bespoke Solutions
We recognise that each business is different and that this often leads to specialist activities that need to be dealt with by the business systems. Individual requirements both at the time of installation and throughout the life of the system can be dealt with by system modifications,system modifications, bespoke modules and new applications or integrations. Cyrane’s proven and robust platform means we can provide pre-determined costs and virtually eliminate the risks associated with such developments.

Online Marketing Channels
Cyrane can integrate with multiple e-commerce channels,multiple e-commerce channels providing feeds for product data, prices and stock availability to Amazon, EBay and others as required.

Website Development (Optional)
We can look to integrate with your existing website platform existing website platform and work with your own in-house design team or your preferred design agency. Alternatvely you may adopt our fully integrated website platform and have your site operating with us. THis would offer a ready-made oprion and a cost effective solution. Again, we woudl work witj yiour prefered design team. We have a great deal of experience building websites across a wide range of retail and B2B sectors and about 50% of our customers take up our integrated solution.

System Migration
Moving from one system to another can be a complex and difficult process. Cyrane will assist with the migration, assist with the migration process from start to finish ensuring that your data integrity is maintained, staff are fully trained and confident in their use of the new system. Vital trading elements such as payment processing and websites will be fully tested and ready for use in time for their launch.

We start by taking a detailed look at your processes and identifying what you need from the system. During this psimplified or even eliminated by the integration of Cyrane system and vitally looking at the marketing elements that might be included. We suggest how Cyrane could be configured to meet your needs

Our clients and their businesses are totally dependent on our ability to deliver reliable systems. And whilst Cyrane is robust, reliable and provides first class performance, complex businesses require many functions and there are always new requiremets and business issues to resolve. Cyrane support, Cyrane support is designed to provide continuity of service and business performance to all our clients.

Cyrane was developed by an established team with hands-on experience in running direct sales and e-commerce companies across a wide variety of market sectors. The Cyrane team combines practical experience and technological excellence supported by specialist partners where required.

If you are a marketing led direct sales business reliant on providing excellent value and good quality service then Cyrane provides a wide range of marketing tools and customer service features that will greatly assist with operational needs, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Cyrane will provide a platform to manage a wide trading mix e.g. telesales, mail order, online marketing channels, retail outlets and B2B. Cyrane allows each channel to trade to its best advantage yet combines all operational and system controls leading to greatly reduced costs and huge gains in efficiency.

We look to support your growth and success. Cyrane is designed to expand as required and allows you to focus on expansion rather than operational issues. Modules are available to help you tackle new markets, improve your competitive edge and allow new channels to be developed and exploited, all without the need to change operational systems

Like you we too place great vale on support, not just whilst implementing systems but continually thereafter and we have plenty of customers that started with us many years ago as small outfits that have grown into leading players in their market.

Upgrade and Expansion
Upgrading Cyrane systems couldn’t be simpler. As your business expands and you need additional users, functionality or capacity, Cyrane can simply expand with you. We have businesses that started using Cyrane many years ago wirth very hunble beginnings an now see multi million £ turnover and have impressive infrastructures! Your expansion is built in with Cyrane… and if you do need something specific then we will provide bespoke solutions. Many of our customers have grown 10 fold and have avoided the expense, risk and distraction of changing system, and has enabled our customers to focus on growth.

The development programme,development programme for the system has enabled the creation of a highly competitive set of modules that allow businesses to develop in many ways. The continuous development programme follows three complementary paths;
– The first focuses on the core of the system adopting new technology to ensure that Cyrane remains at the forefront of systems development, using the best of breed for web systems, back office database and integration partners to ensure a resilient and robust platform that can continue to support our clients in the years to come.
– The second focuses on industry development driven by our own desire to see Cyrane as one of the best systems on the market. This programme has led to the development of our multi-module allowing the control of multiple websites or trading activities along with the launch of our new Mobile web solutions.
– The third is to have close involvement with our customers, listening to their needs and having the ability to respond with systems development to meet their specific requirements.

Time to Think
The Cyrane system provides valuable management time and the marketing toolsmarketing tools to focus on business expansion rather than having to focus on the day-to-day business processes. Time to look at new opportunities, exploit new markets, seek out better deals and source other third-party services that may have a positive impact on the business.