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Single or multiple warehouse systems

Modular and scalable warehouse systems for single and multiple warehouse locations provide complete control of your depots. Choose despatch points, request or instruct stock transfers and manage the transfer process through internal pick and despatch processes, and managed goods received systems.

Wireless systems

Android based wireless can aid efficiency with automated systems providing complete control across the warehouse(s). Our warehouse management system (WMS) operates on both simple and function rich barcode hardware and able to meet differing needs and budgets.

Custom put-away and pick solutions

Cyrane recognise that not all businesses are the same and that the type and size of the product can demand different solutions for picking and put away. With the custom solutions available Cyrane will meet the needs of most businesses.

Full carrier integration

Integration with all the leading UK carrier systems makes despatching orders quick and easy with full manifest/consignment/tracking information generated as required by the carriers.

Returns management

Complete returns management system is provided. If required the system can be configured to handle returned products through an inspection and quarantine process, with “Repack”, “Return to Supplier”, “Return to Stock” or “Scrap” options available to improve profitability. Returns are automatically reported to the Customer Service module to facilitate replacement, alternative selection and refunds ensuring high level customer service.

Warehouse Considerations
Designed to support both the small and the more complex infrastructures. Cyrane Warehouse Systems tick all the boxes whatever your needs, whether you choose the latest wireless/scanner solution or a tried and tested paper-based process.

1. Volume and Value
Cyrane is used by businesses with 1 through to 30+ warehouse operators. Businesses include those selling high value products with relatively low volumes and those selling inexpensive products in very high volumes.

High volume (and high value) businesses will often demand a fully integrated wireless solution to ensure secure tracking throughout and error free order fulfilment. Whereas low volume or smaller businesses will often prefer a paper-based process.

Paper based can be configured to meet individual needs, is quick to setup and will still provide considerable efficiencies. It is easily understood without training, its inexpensive to implement and can be upgraded at any time to facilitate the wireless scanner system when required.

2. Product
The size and weight of the product needs to be considered especially if setting up wireless scanner systems. Large or heavy products probably need to be picked onto a pallet or shipping container whereas smaller products can be bulk picked onto a trolley or into baskets. A wide range of processing needs can be catered for and for those who have products with widely differing characteristics, solutions can be found with composite processes.

3. Accuracy
Without doubt a wireless based warehouse management system will improve the accuracy of picking and despatch over paper based systems,although paper based systems can have a scanner check system employed before final packing if required. Sizes are instantly recognised, colours accurately registered and items are correctly selected by the system every time with a wireless scannerwireless scanner warehouse management system. Errors are immediately identified in the warehouse, so customers are always going to get the product they ordered resulting in less returns, fewer stock errors and better customer service.

4. Speed
The speed of wireless system mean warehouse operators move automatically and instantly from one task to the next. This reduces the ‘interval’ time between each pick and avoids time wasted searching for items. It’s a quick and effective system that can operate in a wide variety of conditions.

5. Integration
The Cyrane warehouse management system is fully integrated with the rest of the system. Stock is accurate Stock is accurate in real time and ‘Goods In’, delivered against back orders, are instantly allocated for picking. Items can be put away, moved in location and managed across multiple warehouses as required within the Cyrane system ensuring speed, accuracy and transparency at all times.

6. Delivery
Integrating the Cyrane warehouse management system with carriers speeds the despatch process, and allows consignment details to be automatically emailed to customers for delivery notification and online tracking.

7. Returns management
A comprehensive returns management system allows returned orders to be inspected, returned to stock, returned to supplier, scrapped or marked as B grade for sales through other channels. Customer transactions can be credited, or alternative items substituted as replacements (items may be of greater or lesser value if required).

8. Purchase orders
Cyrane warehouse management system can create Purchase Orders either manually or automatically (based on minimum stock levels and re-order quantities). Goods expected details Goods expected details are available for sales staff so future orders can be processed and customers advised on availability. Scanner based put away and stock take/partial stock take systems provide further efficiencies.

9. Multiple warehouses
Scalable warehouse management systems are an integral part of Cyrane. Able to manage a business with a single warehouse and multiple locations and fully independent multiple warehouses, each with its own despatch, pick and despatch operation. Cyrane also provides for an inter warehouse transfer capability across warehouses. This scalability allows the Cyrane warehouse management system to grow with the business, cope with sudden and unexpected demand whilst still operating as the core business system. Module charges only apply when they are employed. This ensures you only pay for what you need, and you are able to expand without the cost, disruption and delay associated with implementing new business systems.