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Operate from tablet, laptop or till, Android and Windows

Multi-platform operating system provides huge range of options for sales situations where staff need to interact with customers. Provides both staff and customers with all the information needed to complete simple or complex sales on the shop floor, at trade shows, or in the field.

Create projects, interact with customer wish lists, save customer orders or provide quotes.

Interact with customers as never before providing detailed information on product, stock, promotions, and prices, and build order value.

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Fully integrated with Cyrane websites

Not all sales can be closed on the day, create wish lists, quotes and projects for customers’ that they can see and edit on an integrated Cyrane website ready to convert to an order, for Click and Collect or delivery.

Use media codes, vouchers or offer codes to create customer offer

Stimulate customer interest and evaluate marketing initiatives with the use of offer codes to use in store.

Full customer order history online and in store

See the complete customer order history across retail and ecommerce channels.

Automatic stock management and alerts

See stock across multiple stock locations to evaluate availability and delivery options.

Individual employee reporting

Individual staff activity recorded and reported for tracking and future analysis.

Assign transactions to customers

Keep a complete record of customer transactions to help evaluate how customers interact with your online and physical stores.

Full product details including stock by location, description, images and specification

Instant availability of full product details including specifications, descriptions and images. Allows sales staff to sell items not on display and provide high quality service and advice.

EPOS with a difference – A Tablet Based appWhen someone mentions electronic point of sale EPOS, most people’s minds turn to supermarket checkouts with rapid scanning and checkout, and whilst in many businesses that is exactly what is required it isn’t always the case. The Cyrane EPOS app can manage all that with speed and efficiency but can also be used in a variety of other ways and provide real benefit. Browser based and operating across, tills, laptops and tablets the EPOS app affords wide ranging versatility. Some of these uses are explored below…

Allocate customer sales to their account

The EPOS app has the ability to search customer’s records so that sales can be allocated to their account. This provides for a complete record of customers’ purchasing habits captured for analysis and marketing purposes. For niche retailers this can be a revelation, how many times does a customer visit the shop and order online as well. Also, the system allows customers to use voucher codes or promotional codes online, in store and for telesales. This gives customers flexibility and allows accurate tracking of response and profitability of promotions through all channels.

Trade account customers

The customer account structure allows orders to be allocated to customer trade accounts direct from the EPOS system thus allowing purchases to be made on credit accounts immediately at the point of sale.

Shows/Exhibitions/Consultative sales

The EPOS app enables orders to be taken on the move at external events with customers. View stock availability at the touch of a button, have all the product information instantly to hand, specifications, images, stock availability and of course the ability to process orders there and then. Instant information on hand from EPOS when you’re directly communicating with the customer provides fantastic customer service and terrific sales opportunities.

Field sales

Create quotes, pro-forma invoices or sales orders whilst with customers in the field. Instant access to customer purchasing history and previously created projects, quotes and orders helps field staff to seal the deal there and then!
Wish lists
Access customer’s wish lists created online in the store. Modify, edit and complete or save for further customer review online later.

The Cyrane retail EPOS app opens up new possibilities for companies to improve their customer experience whilst transforming business efficiency.