Active co-operation with your chosen web developer e.g.

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Integration with all major website systems

Integration with major website systems allows you to take advantage of the latest systems (and coming developments) whilst still enjoying all the efficiency benefits of the Cyrane system.

Complete control

Manage multiple sales channels, prices, margins, and stock from the Cyrane system with our price admin manager tool, providing all the relevant information required to review stats and amend price at the touch of a button.

Select the website system best suited to your business

Magento 2, WooCommerce or others, it’s your choice. Website systems develop fast and the pace of development increases all the time so having unrestricted choice gives you flexibility to select the best for your business in terms of features, support, price and development costs.

Work with specialists

The team at Cyrane specialise in developing best in class order management systems. Web development is a separate skill set and having flexibility to work with other partners on your website allows you to select the provider that best suits your business.

Content and SEO

Using Cyrane as the key data repository (product, pricing, accounts and channel management) leaves your selected website developer with full control of your website content, SEO services and AdWords campaign, enabling them to optimise the performance, features and content of your website quickly and efficiently.

Channel Management

Having key data centred in Cyrane not only assists with website management it can seamlessly assist with online promotions utilising the Cyrane Price Admin tool for all aspects of online channel marketing e.g. Amazon, eBay and others.