Cyrane Reporting Tools

Reporting is an integral part of the Cyrane system at all levels. Instant dashboard views show where your business is at any time, orders to be picked, returns to be processed, purchase orders expected you can see it all in an instant and drill down to the detail in just a few clicks.

In depth reporting is available from a range of standard reports and the report writing tool allows you to select the data to produce the information you need for regular reports and save the format for future use. Customer data can be sliced and diced quickly to produce highly focused mailing lists that can improve the focus and response of marketing initiatives. If greater depth is required the Data view module allows you to access large quantities of information and carry out in depth analysis without disrupting operational systems...

The integration of Cyrane to Sage 50 and other accounting packages ensures that accounts are always accessible and easy to manage with the full range of accounting reports at your fingertips.