Cyrane Services

Web Design

Not just a great website! A comprehensive ecommerce and order processing system for growing businesses, designed to project your brand and convert browsers to customers. Use our expert design team or your own design agency to achieve the best for your business.


Making the move easy. Our experienced team will plan and implement the move to Cyrane Systems to minimise disruption and ensure that your staff are up to speed in order to maximise the benefits of your new Cyrane system.

Bags of Support

Ongoing support and development. Support as you need it to sort out any operational queries and, most importantly, continuous development of the system to meet your needs now and into the future.


Development for your future. Cyrane’s modular structure and easy upgrade path means we can continue to support you and assist with your expansion needs as your business grows.



Web Design

Web design should have site performance at its core as much as branding and taste. At Cyrane we have a great deal of experience across a wide range of retail and B2B sectors and provide the benefit of complete flexibility to meet both these needs. We can, through our design partnership design new websites from scratch (to your brief) or we can build websites following the design of your own design team or design partners, or we can integrate with your existing websites as required.

Our modular web system uses one of the most advanced platforms in DotNetNuke. DotNetNuke is used to support thousands of business websites worldwide and provides supreme versatility coupled with established and proven performance. This enables the Cyrane team to develop specific modules to deliver the website functionality and appearance required, much of which can be automated for easy management, provide a better customer experience and help to generate an increase in conversion rates.

"We have had Cyrane for some 6 or 7 years now, and when we decided to diversify into a new market with our Monckton Shirts business we had no hesitation in turning to Cyrane again... this time we are using their all new web platform which is absolutely first class. We were so impressed we commissioned a replacement site for our main Morrant Sports business. They are a first rate dedicated team who are committed to improving systems and services."
Sunil Jajodia, (MD) Morrant

Cyrane websites are fully integrated with the back office giving full visibility of stock, order history and order progress, promotions and marketing incentives; moreover, as a fully integrated solution it provides for less maintenance and management of data, promotions and customer information.

System Migration

Moving from one system to another can be a complex and difficult process. Cyrane will assist with the migration process from start to finish ensuring that your data integrity is maintained, staff are fully trained and confident in their use of the new system. Vital trading elements such as payment processing and websites will be fully tested and ready for use in time for their launch.

The process starts with the sales evaluation of what you need from the system and suggesting how Cyrane could be configured to meet your needs. Looking at your business processes and seeing where they could be simplified or even eliminated by the integration of Cyrane system and vitally looking at the marketing elements that might be included.

"Cyrane Ordermaster took our business to the next level. It's efficient, comprehensive and simple to use. We saw the difference from the moment we started to use the system and a real must for any SME." Spencer Courage, MD A leading educational supplies and school furniture provider

A “full team” meeting to commence the process will ensure that all participants are fully aware of the role they need to play and the objectives and any deadlines for the migration process. Your dedicated project leader and “super user” will ensure that as the process progresses with any issues and problems resolved through direct discussion to help keep the project on track.

As the system is readied for “live”, on-site training and system handover will take place to ensure all staff are up to speed for their respective roles and ready to get the best out of the system. Ongoing support buy telephone and email will resolve any last minute glitches or training issues throughout the early days and weeks following launch.

Migration can be done as a single process or staged to meet particular needs to suit your business.

Bags of Support

Our clients and their businesses are totally dependent on our ability to deliver reliable systems. However whilst Cyrane is build to be robust, reliable and deliver first class performance, with complex businesses requiring many functions there are always issues to resolve. Cyrane support is designed to provide continuity of service and business performance to all our clients.

“Delighted with the replacement website and the website search facility is superb… I can’t wait for it to go live. The system has never let me down and the back office is easy to operate and update which, for a one-man operation like mine is essential. The support team are always quick to respond to urgent problems, my thanks to everyone at Cyrane for all their help over the past 8 years.”
Wendy Myers, Proprietor, Aviation Book Centre


Upgrading Cyrane systems couldn’t be simpler. As your business expands and you need additional functionality, users or capacity, Cyrane can simply expand with you. Move from version to version using the same customer, and product data. You will retain all trading history across versions and we will simply add modules for the functionality you need to take your business to its next stage. Alternatively, talk to us about our bespoke build programme if you need something extra.

“In the year following the installation of Cyrane, Dance Direct increased its turnover by 40% without any additional staff costs and we have doubled in size TWICE over since then and we now receive over 500 orders per day... And more importantly, we have recently expanded into European markets with the help of Cyrane, by upgrading to their Multi-currency, Multi-client platform. This is a real partnership that’s helping us to grow.”
Cedric Grosjean, MD Dance Direct

Cyrane has the proven ability to grow with customers as they expand. Many of our customers have grown 10 fold without changing the base Cyrane system. This expansion capability has avoided the expense, risk and distraction of changing system, and has enabled our customers to focus on growth.